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Annual Woodburn Tulip Festival in Oregon

Annual Woodburn Tulip Festival in Oregon

The Annual Woodburn Tulip Festival in Oregon runs from March 24 – to May 7 of  this year. This is an event that starts in the Spring, about 6 weeks or less, it depends on the weather. This year we were blessed again with lots of rain nearly everyday. If you’re on the road through the great Pacific Northwest, I recommend that you make time to visit the stunning 40 acre property which is  about  46 miles from Salem, Oregon where I live and from the Portland airport via I-205 takes about 40 miles. This is an endless view of beautiful tulip varieties that you can spend the whole day with. Take lots of pictures and make lots of memories.

Some families come here every year as a family tradition. I like to visit the tulip fields to get a good kick of Spring weather and also because tulips are one of my favorite flowers.

It has an affordable entrance fee of $5 per person  and it is good for the entire day until 6pm. What I missed so much was the option to go early in the morning when the tulip fields are not crowded. Photographer’s day pass is $20 and it is what I wanted to get to have a clear shot without a photo bomber.

                                                                                       photo via Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival

Aside from the tulip fields to enjoy, they also offer daily WINE TASTING. Mount Angel Sausage Company is also there and few other local vendors  like honey producers, painting crafts and glass making were able to share their talent with the guests.  I usually buy products from our locals during this event. We have a better knowledge about how they produce their product. Usually it is handled with passion and care. Speaking of local, with summer coming up Saturday Market is something I really enjoy most weekends.

Families are welcome to bring their own pack lunch to share, there are quite few tables that are set along the booth areas. You can bring your dog on a leash provided you know how to dispose their waste 🙂

To get there from Salem where I live it took about 45 minutes via I-5 on an easy Sunday. It might take a little longer during Saturdays. Sad to say I went on the second to the last day, the staff actually told us before paying that there are only 15% remaining tulips in the field at that time possibly due the rain two days before.

One of my favorite color is the dark purple called “Queen of Night”.

You can also pre-order cut flowers and potted bulbs in the main building. The prices ranges from $8 for 10 bulbs or 50 bulbs for $34 it depends on the variety.




They were still strong and had vivid colors in the field. Aren’t they gorgeous? The pictures don’t do justice to the beauty of the color.






  • Plan on a weekday to go so you can to avoid crowds and lots of traffic. On a busy weekend, the cars waiting in line to go in can take 1 to 1 ½ hours.
  • Bring your boots, expect some rain on some days and it’s still muddy on a clear sunny day. Wind breaker or your comfortable jacket, it can be windy and get a little chilly in the fields.
  • Bring pack lunches, food and drinks for kids. Limited picnic tables are provided.
  • Need extra cash for the Tour train ride and children rides  costs from $3 to $5 each.
  • Porta-potties are provided, bring your own wipes and napkins or sanitizer.
  • Woodburn Premium Outlet Mall is also not far away, located on the west side of I-5.

The exact address of Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm  is  33814 S. Meridian Rd, Woodburn, Oregon 97071

You can find Tulip signs around the town so it’s easier to locate.

Have fun and enjoy our Annual Woodburn Tulip Festival in Oregon.


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