Food and Wanders




Hi, my name is Joanne, I’m a Filipina living in Oregon. I was born and raised in the Philippines in the beautiful town of Baguio City. Philippines as you may know consists of thousands of islands and more than 175 dialects. That being said, diversity in culture, beliefs, religion, food and lifestyle differentiate everyone of us.

I’m passionate about learning a healthy life style but with a few exceptions. Everyone has  different ideas of eating healthy, I’m all about easy to make meals with healthy ingredients and of course less sugar is a plus in my dessert.

It came to a point that I started to have an awful craving for Filipino foods which I have no choice but to make myself.  There isn’t a good Filipino restaurant to be found in this area unless you travel for more than 200 miles which is about almost 4 hours one way.  That my friend is the reason why cooking is a must for me.

I’m also a mom who manages our household all day- everyday. Working 2 full time jobs, and being a realtor, life can be so busy.

Spoon and Bleuz was created to keep all of my journals in one place. There won’t be any notebooks or piles of printed recipes to rummage through when I need a quick meal. I will be sharing our road trip experiences, endless photos of food we eat, products I use in my household and of course our own personal experiences of restaurants we dine in. Recipes however are mostly Asian- American style which includes, Filipino, Korean, Vietnamese and Japanese food.

I am not a writer by any means. In fact, if there’s a blog that can be a bilingual this would be it! A little bit of Tagalog(Philippine National Language) with English would be a wonderful combination.

Please be aware that this is still a work in progress. Some things might be missing somewhere in the website but rest assured I am working on it when I have a chance. I am open to any suggestions so please feel free to send me a message or comment down below.

Enjoy your stay and I hope to hear from you soon.